Frequently Asked Questions

My Nutrition Club information is wrong, how do I fix that?

Submit the Add Club Form, I'll verify with Facebook and Google.  That being said, if it has an * at the end of the name.  Please update Facebook/Google as I used these to help find clubs.

Why don't you ask for hours?

We provide either a link to the club's social media page.  We believe that Club operators already have enough to update and we believe they should keep their focus on these platforms.  We encourage everyone to check out their web link for the most up-to-date information.

I need to remove my club information from your site, how?

1. If your club is closed and you no longer have an internet presence, let us know

2. If your club is a residential club, let us know

The goal of the Nutrition Club Network (NCN) is to find and list every club available.  We use public information and provide the links to let each customer decide if they want to visit a club.  NCN is NOT an official Herbalife Nutrition website.  We do not sell Herbalife products and we do not capture leads for Herbalife or Herbalife Distributors.

If you have a question about Herbalife you should call 866-866-4744.  Again, NCN is NOT an Herbalife Nutrition website and they have no power or say over the content of this site.

I want to buy Herbalife Products or become a member/distributor.

Nutrition Club Nutrition (NCN) is NOT an Herbalife Nutrition website.  We do not offer or sell Herbalife Products.  If you are looking for a distributor please visit the Home page and search for your nearest Nutrition Club.  The operators of Nutrition Clubs will be more than happy to assist you with your nutritional needs and offer services best for you.

Why isn't my information available after submitting the Add form?

We update the map every weekend.  It is a process because when you look at a location on the map the information needs to be correct.  So it takes about 3-4 hours a week to verify the information submitted which is typically 30-40 a week.  Most of the time the information is wrong or incomplete.  Taking the extra time to verify each listing is an important task to ensure maximum satisfaction.  If we find information is wrong on your Facebook page we might reach out and ask about it.

If you really want to be listed immediately please PM us on NCN Facebook page and ask us to upload the information.

How often is the information checked on this site?

We will verify the URL of the link is still working each quarter.

As for the actual information we depend on user and owner to notify us if some are wrong or changed.  It would bee a huge task to look at each location and verify all the information.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  You can submit those on the contact us form or PM us on Facebook.  We will look at the location and try to verify it with the club owner.